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Sponsors & Partners 

Team Bodyworks is a cross training club for athletes of all ages and ability seeking to compete as swimmers, cyclists, runners or a combination of disciplines, over any distance or terrain.

They are also recognised as a British Triathlon Satellite Centre thanks to the depth and experience of their coaches and their capacity to offer an uninterrupted pathway to aspiring World Class triathletes and para-triathletes, including extended support and advice for those unable to train with their Eastbourne based squad.

Xhale is a training platform which I use to log my training and gather my data together in order to provide me with the information I need to improve as an athlete. Xhale works well with the most up-to-date GPS technology to gather training and racing data ready for you to dissect and analyse. But more importantly, Xhale is an organic platform that requires real feedback and emotions from you and—if you have one—your coach. It doesn’t rely solely on artificial intelligence based on pre-programmed algorithms. Training rarely occurs under the tight structure of lab conditions; Xhale supports you back in the world of real-life training.

The Swans story began in Osaka in 1911, a small lens manufacturer producing dust-proof and aviation goggles. More than a century has passed since then, and the Swans brand has become known for producing the highest quality swimming goggles that are used by swimmers of all abilities around the globe.

For racing in the open water I use the SRX Mirrored goggle and for the training and low light conditions I use the SRX Non-Mirrored goggle. Both are low profile and fit my face shape really well.

Precision Hydration was launched in 2011 after years working with elite athletes and technology partners to develop a simple and effective way to help athletes understand and manage their individual hydration needs.

Their mission is to give every athlete access to a personalized hydration strategy so that they have the best chance of achieving their goals.

I am currently using PH 1500 salt tabs before & after workouts as well as the new PH CHO products which includes the PH Gels and energy powder.

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